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Mindful Leader

Cecilia B. Loving is Deputy Commissioner/Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the NYC Fire Department. She also served as an attorney for the NYC Commission on Human Rights, and was a litigator at Patterson Belknap; Kramer Levin; and the Legal Aid Society. She is founder of the Mindfulness Group at FDNY, as well as Co-Chair of the NYC Bar’s first Mindfulness and Well-Being Committee. In addition to obtaining her Juris Doctor from NYU School of Law, Cecilia obtained her BFA from Howard University, MFA from UCLA and M.Div from NY Theological Seminary. She has written several books, including Prayers for Those Standing on the Edge of Greatness; God is a Brown Girl Too; God is a Lawyer Too; and Seeing Myself as God Sees Me. She also writes blogs and articles, including “Mindfulness: Being in the Now Without Bias, Blame or Shame” (Catalyst, April 19, 2018).

Prayer for Release

I am one with the Omniscient Wisdom of Spirit
continuously unfolding all that I need to know, when I need to know it.
I am one with the Omnipresent Power of Divine Mind
forever creating every space, breath and vision giving way to me.
I am one with the Omnipotent Energy of Love
always blessing my soul through each second, minute, hour, and day.
There is nothing that I cannot do, nothing that I cannot become,
nothing that I cannot accomplish through the gift of God expressing through me.

Spiritmuv Power Prayers are to uplift the light and love of the Spiritmuv Sunday Service Prayer Circle of Light
These are Affirmations that are meant to be spoken aloud in the secret place of your meditation, silence, and service to Spirit and Truth.